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Tagged With: Self Discovery

Finding Happy

Feeling good is such a foreign thing. From the time I was small, if I felt anything, it was fear or shame. Even before I learned that feeling was vulnerable and unsafe, embarrassment and anger were mixed in with any positive emotion. Now that I’m beginning to feel good, it’s been a process of learning … Continue reading »

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Pieces: Dishonesty by Omission

Anniversaries are important to me. Every now and then I go back through blog posts and read what I wrote a year ago on a certain date or time of year. This spring semester has been full of that kind of nostalgic activity. My Papaw died at the end of February. Looking back and remembering … Continue reading »

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Hello, It’s Mz. Hyde

Better be scared, better be afraid, Now that the beast is out of her cage It’s not clean. They aren’t family friendly in the least. Most of the songs are about sex, whether explicitly or implicitly. The lyrics are full of obscenities. But there’s more to it than that. Sometimes you have to look past … Continue reading »

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What’s In A Name?

Names are beautiful things. My name means Graceful Seamstress. For a long time I resisted this title. I’m finally figuring out how to move without running into walls and open doors, but I’m still not exactly what you would call graceful. And I can’t sew anything but a fairly straight line. But I learned to … Continue reading »

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Be True To Your Heart

I am Annie. I am an ENFP with a strong sense of logic and need for alone time. I am a storyteller. My heart pulses with the blood of two. I have a past of self abuse and self neglect. I see things others can’t and I dream things. I hear music when there is … Continue reading »

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