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Tagged With: Looking back

Drowned in Moonbeams, Strangled by Her Own Bra

2016 is both the year that won’t end and the year that’s gone by too quickly, taking far too many people with it. It seems that we’ve been grieving someone or someones for the entire 12 months– Oh wait. It’s been a painful year. Water access is political. I know people who’ve lost their lovers and their … Continue reading »

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Find Someone to Carry You

In deep, intimate moments I’ve often lamented to myself, and anyone who would listen, that there are no more great frontiers.  Sure, there are places with unknowns. The ocean is larger and more terrifying than any land mass. We don’t even know where the expanses of space end, or if they ever do stop expanding. … Continue reading »

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Danger, Will Robinson!

I’ll be honest with you. This week, I was kind of in a panic about my post. I had one written out, but it just wasn’t clicking. Then I saw this video suggested on my Facebook news-feed. Dear Mom, Thanks  for letting me do most of these things. I don’t think you ever let me drive … Continue reading »

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Beginning Blogging

I frequently see homeschooling moms using the blogosphere in writing assignments. I think writing is fantastic, and blogging is a great way to share what you write and get better. On the other hand, I don’t think blogging should be a school thing. If it is made into one then it becomes a chore. Writing … Continue reading »

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That Will Suffice

Sunday they had a Summer Missions ice-cream social at church. I didn’t get to share anything, we started going to this church right after camp, but there were several people who spoke about their time at one camp or another. There was a lot of the normal “what was the highlight of your time there?”, … Continue reading »

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This Side

From this side of the keyboard, it’s pretty exciting. I know it may be tough to fathom from that side, but it’s true. I never know when I’m going to have a random stranger comment or a sudden spike in views. Most of the time I get on after being away for the day and … Continue reading »

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Re-assimilating; Notes From a First Year Counselor, Part Three: Brand Spanking New

Previous Posts: Part One: Poisoned by Sol Part Two: Return of the Ninjas (One of the lovely ladies from camp had a longer clip of Ninja Guard! View Here) The hardest part about being the newbie on staff is the staff. Everyone already knows each other and has relationships, and here you are. Brand spanking new. … Continue reading »

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