A Letter to My Hair

Poet Among Other Things, Short

Dear Hair, What the quiff?! We’ve been together for all these years and this is how you repay me? Is it because I cut you off? I’m sorry about that. Everyone attributed it to “the gayness,” but you and I both know that had nothing to do with it. Well, maybe it had something to […]

January 31, 2017

First Day on Campus


I’m sitting in the commons area. The ebb and flow of students is nearly fascinating. Nearly. People watching is actually an interesting thing to occupy yourself with here. It’s amazing how different the population is so close to home. The populace¬†of our small town is primarily WASPs in camo hunting gear. The town where I […]

August 20, 2014

Brightness Doesn’t Fear The Night

Poet Among Other Things, Short

You’re still the little girl inside With eyes so full of wonder You see things no one else can see They scare you when you tell them But stand up and be brave Don’t let your light go out The brightest starGoes through the most darkness You’re that crying little girl inside Feeling everything so […]

June 5, 2014

Flying the Thread

Camp, Poet Among Other Things, Short

I am getting ready to head to NeKaMo Camp for 2 weeks, so I haven’t had much chance to write. Since I don’t want to abandon my lovely little blog completely, I present for your reading enjoyment, Flying the Thread.   Mists rise from the cool, lapping water The air is still Yet the vapors […]

June 3, 2014

To My Brothers And Sisters

Really Long Shower Thoughts, Short

A while back I posted on Facebook asking our friends for suggestions about blog topics. Someone said I should talk about purity. I don’t think I have ever addressed this subject that so many are obsessed with. I don’t like the “purity” movement. I don’t think it leaves room for openness and honesty with our […]

November 27, 2013

My mistake


Sorry folks! I posted a post this morning that wasn’t ready! Please ignore any alarming things you read. They weren’t ready for public viewing! Sorry!

November 20, 2013

Change of Plans

Farm and Family, Short, Storytime

As I have mentioned a lot lately, I am very busy. And, what that unfortunately means is, I need to cut some things down. I’m not staying up as late looking at Pinterest or watching Youtube videos, and now, I am not staying up late to work on my blog. Honestly, I’ve tried! I start […]

October 24, 2013

New Beginnings

Farm and Family, Short, Storytime

It was a big weekend ¬†on the farm. It was super busy, but in the few spare moments I had on the computer, I found a new favorite band! We had our first calf! Around noon on Friday (ok, not quite the weekend) Bunny calved. Around two on Friday it started sleeting. That would be […]

October 22, 2013